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Building a retaining wall in your property not only adds to the value and beauty but also serves practical purposes. Among others, the primary and most basic benefit of a wall block is to protect against soil erosion.  It is crucial that you seek a professional and experienced contractor to help you out with your retaining wall project. Our company offers comprehensive retaining wall services – from installation to maintenance to repairs, we got you covered. We are the most preferred name in Minneapolis, MN because:

We deliver all types of retaining wall services embodying our corporate core values of excellence, honesty, innovation, and quality. After many years in the business, we committed to giving our customers the highest standards for quality workmanship. We do not just comply with your expectations, we strive to go above and beyond. 

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Retaining Wall Contractors Minneapolis

At retaining walls Minneapolis our many years of experience as a wall block contractor in Minneapolis have equipped us to enhance and expand the type of services that we offer according to the needs and demands of the locals. We provide a comprehensive list of services that cover retaining wall installation, maintenance, repair, and other related works. So whether you need a retaining wall contractor for residential or commercial purposes, we are the best company you can get in Minneapolis. We have worked our way to get to where we are right now. And we continue to serve our locals with the highest quality of customer service and experience that they deserve because our clients are one of our strongest foundations as a company.

Call us right now to experience our brand of services. True to our corporate values, we provide upfront estimates that are guaranteed to be honest and transparent. It is how we build customer trust the moment they inquire with us. We know how crucial a retaining wall is to the safety of your property. Let our professional team take away all the hassles and worries. Hand them all the works.

Retaining Walls Minneapolis MN

The process of designing and building a wall block requires many, and sometimes, complex steps. There is very little room for error when it comes to retaining wall works as this can result in damage to the property and costly repairs. The experience and know-how of a professional contractor are essential. When you hire the service of a professional builder, you are paying for peace of mind that your retaining wall is made with the right tools and quality materials. Our company is the most trusted name in Minneapolis because we understand the challenges that come with designing and building a cost-effective retaining wall. Get your wall block built right and with the highest quality of workmanship through our professional team in retaining wall services. We provide a wide range of retaining wall construction services. Contact us today.

Retaining Wall Builders Minneapolis

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The three important things that benefit you when hiring a professional builder to design and build your retaining wall are in-depth knowledge in design and construction, the assurance of proper equipment and quality materials, and the amount of time you can save which will also equate to money saved.

and Workmanship

As the leading company in retaining wall services, our passion drives us to deliver the best quality. We embed our passion in our quality of workmanship. That is how we become clear of our corporate mission of completing all our projects with excellence and always with the highest quality. We always encourage our team to bring their passion to work every day.

Most Preferred in Minneapolis

Quality of workmanship is our brand. Our reputation as the most preferred retaining wall contractor in Minneapolis is founded on the trust and confidence that our locals have entrusted with us. We are most preferred for the quality of services that we provide, and we never fail to give our customers the output that make us worth choosing

in Innovation

We understand that the technology in designing and building a retaining wall evolves. And we are always in the loop on its continuing evolution. As a company that values excellence and innovation, we encourage our people to update their skills and knowledge in the industry that we are in. We are the leader in innovation by updating not only our crew but also our tools.

Types of Retaining Walls We Build

Block Wall Repair in TX

At Retaining Walls Minneapolis, there are no big and small projects. We deliver the highest quality of services regardless of project size. Get the best customer experience with us when you inquire about our services. The Minneapolis locals prefer our services over the others because we treat old and new customers alike. We live up to our corporate value of honesty by providing upfront and transparent estimates with no hidden charges. We believe that understanding the needs of our customers is the first key step to giving them the most sound recommendation that works well with their budget.

Natural Stone

Stone Block

Concrete Block



Sheet Piling


Retaining walls are crucial to supporting the landscape of a property. It has a vital role in lawn management and aesthetics. The two most important purposes of building a retaining wall are safety and beauty. It is crucial to trust this investment to professional builders. Call us today if you are looking for a trusted name in wall block design and construction. We provide a comprehensive service for your specific needs and working budget.

Natural Stone

Natural stones, as materials for retaining wall buildings, are known as the best material for rain flow control. It consists of properties that prevent excessive flooding. Retaining walls MinneapolisIt is also a material that is great at moisture management. The use of natural stones for your wall block can accentuate your terrain while sticking to the purpose of preventing the land from eroding and keeping your landscape arrangements altogether.

Stone Block

This is the most popular material for properties that are built on sloping areas and hills. Stone blocks are highly functional materials in retaining wall buildings. When built properly and professionally, stone block walls promote safety due to the lesser risk of collapsing and damaging over time. This type of material also comes in a great variety of options to choose from, each embodying different styles and benefits.


One of the most preferred advantages of using bricks for your retaining wall is its strength. Brick walls can be designed to be stronger and long-lasting by incorporating other materials, like steel rods, through the bricks. They are also most popular because of the great variety of design options you can choose from. Bricks are also flexible so they can blend well to any look that you want to achieve. They are also preferred because of their durability. Bricks can keep up well with moisture and weather.

Concrete Block

Concrete walls are becoming a popular option nowadays because they offer a wide array of designs to choose from. They can be made from concrete panels, blocks, or sleepers, among others. On top of the versatility, concrete walls are durable and long-lasting, too. If you use concrete for your retaining walls, you are free to taint them with the colors that you desire. Painted concrete walls do not wear off easily which means a reduction from the maintenance cost. Unlike the other materials, concrete walls will lessen your worries about rotting, decaying, or warping. A concrete wall combines durability, beauty, and versatility in one. This is why they are priced higher compared to other retaining wall materials. Building walls made of concrete also entails complex processes which are why the cost of labor for this type of material is also expensive.


Typically comes in major types of wood, wooden retaining walls can be made of timber, railroad ties, or standard wood. Among the three types, railroad ties are the most durable. Wooden retaining walls are multifunctional in terms of aesthetics. It enhances your landscaping and exudes the natural atmosphere of the area, among others. Wood is also an affordable material. They can be sourced out easily. Adding to the advantages is the fact that wooden retaining walls are easy to install. However, the drawbacks of using wood as a material for your retaining wall lie in its being less durable compared to other materials. Lower quality wood cannot stay strong for a longer time. They are prone to rotting and decaying. 



Cantilever retaining walls are made through an open excavation as these walls are built without any support. This type of material in wall block building is characterized by a certain depth in excavation to restrain the controlled side through the passive resistance it provides. Compared to concrete walls, cantilever walls require a simplified construction process. A cantilever wall requires low and easy maintenance. The drawback, however, is the restraint in location as cantilever walls are not recommended to be built next to an existing building.


Typically used for compact and thin walls, secured wall blocks are characterized by being tied up through a cord or strip to the structure they are attached to. The tie-back system used in secured retaining walls makes the structure stable and enables the walls to hold additional weight. These secured walls are used in combination with other materials such as cantilever or gravity to make them practical and more durable. 

Sheet Piling

Sheet pilings are characterized by edges of sheet steel that overlap or fit together and are forced to the ground to provide excavation support. The use of sheet pilings for retaining walls provides economizing benefits and variety in sizes, length, and steel options. They can be used to provide either temporary or permanent support. Sheet steels feature close-fitting joints that serve as effective seals for water control. This type of material is ideal for coastal and marine projects as it can last long even if installed below or above water. 


A gravity wall can be constructed in a closely fixed area where there is little space to excavate. It is built to rely on its weight to keep the soil behind it from washing away. Gravity wall blocks are a popular option for residential projects as they provide several benefits. With this type of material, you can transform space-constrained areas or hilly terrains into more usable spaces. The system used in building the cement slabs of a gravity wall secures the wall’s ability to resist the changing climates in an area. In terms of aesthetics, gravity wall blocks offer a great variety of styles to choose from. The installation of gravity walls requires minimal labor as slabs can be piled together using machinery. Gravity walls are most preferred by residential owners because of reliability, cost-efficiency, and minimal labor requirement.

We take away all the hassles in getting the most professional and highest quality retaining wall works through these three easy steps!

1. Project Proposal

Embedding the value of honesty, we present to our customers upfront estimates that fit their budget. The first step is the presentation of our project proposal. Our proposals typically include outlining of resources, the scope of work, transparent costing, and timeline of deliverables. In this phase, we list down and present to our clients the specific deliverables and what they should expect from us. Our customer representatives are well-trained to professionally and thoroughly present the proposal in a manner that is properly and easily understood by our customers. The first step ensures that customers can understand the terms and conditions of the project. That way, they are capable of making a sound choice for their retaining wall project.

Step 2: Construction and Other Related Services

When the project proposal is signed and agreed upon, our professional building team will take care of you. We render a comprehensive list of services that covers installation, maintenance, and repairs of all types of retaining walls in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Our wide services are also made available in nearby areas of the city. With many years of experience in the industry of retaining wall works, our company consists of a pool of highly qualified and skilled workforce to get the job done according to the highest standards of quality. They are trained thoroughly and equipped with the necessary construction skills to ensure that the result guarantees customer satisfaction that is above and beyond. At our company, we do not just complete our projects. We mean business.

Step 3: Quality and Excellence

We deliver the finest quality of retaining walls because we are true to our corporate values of excellence, innovation, and quality. These core values are treated like the DNA of our company. They are what makes us who we are now, and we are driven to fulfill our corporate mission of designing and building retaining walls that are safe, durable, and with the outstanding quality of workmanship. We design and build our projects with as much passion as when we establish a strong business relationship with our customers. We understand the importance of our business relationship with our clients. It is what helps us to retain our current customers, make new businesses, and manage our reputation as the leading retaining wall contractor in Minneapolis. That is why we keep, nurture, and develop these relationships with our growing clients all over Minneapolis and its neighboring places. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of a retaining wall?

There are many benefits of building your retaining wall. The advantages range from preventing your terrain from eroding to adding value and beauty to your residential or commercial property. A wall block is primarily great at flood control. With a well-built retaining wall, you can secure your home and your property from the damages caused by excessive flooding. You can choose from a wide variety of retaining wall materials to add to the attractive elements in your property. Materials such as wood, concrete, natural stones, or bricks, offer a great selection of styles you can tailor fit to the existing layout of your landscape. Wall blocks are also effective property boundary markers. Depending on the area where your property is, building retaining walls may require necessary permits. That is why it is crucial to entrust the construction to a professional contractor to do away with unnecessary hassles related to this project.

What is the average lifespan of a retaining wall?

A well-built wall retaining wall is estimated to last 50 to 100 years, depending on many factors. Several factors affect the durability and strength of a wall block. Whether your retaining wall can last long, depends on the building materials that you used, the soil quality of the area, the changing climate of the location, and the quality of workmanship of your hired professional contractor. You must entrust the construction of your retaining wall to a fully licensed and competent contractor as the foundation settlement plays a very important role in preserving the strength and integrity of your wall block.

How do we choose a competent and qualified retaining wall contractor?

It is highly recommended that property owners hire professional help in the design and build of their retaining walls. Inappropriately constructed wall blocks will result in many problems and will require higher maintenance costs. Choosing the best contractor can be a difficult choice to make. However, let us help you assess which company to choose through these three basic qualities of a highly competent retaining wall contractor. The first thing to pay attention to is the estimates. Is the pricing equate to the scope of work? Go over their proposals and see which one presents detailed deliverables that reflect their understanding of the entire project. Require credentials, certifications, and references. This will help you check the legitimacy of the company. We take pride in being true to our corporate values of honesty, excellence, innovation, and quality.

Are retaining walls easy to maintain?

There are a lot of things to monitor regularly in terms of retaining wall maintenance. Part of that regular checking process should include checking for wall cracks in concrete-made walls,  splitting of wood for wooden walls, and bowing of the wall. A retaining wall generally has a lifespan of 50 to 100 years if it is well-maintained, except for wooden retaining walls that have a below-average lifespan. There are many more on the list as different materials require different methods of maintenance. The processes related to the upkeep of your retaining wall require the right skills and proper tools to be effective and efficient. Wall block owners often lack the skills, materials, and time to maintain their retaining walls. Experienced professionals can do these tasks for them. Our many years of experience backed with our reputation as the most trusted company for all types of retaining wall works, including maintenance services, have been our key strength in continuously delivering the highest quality of services to our customers.

What is the most durable and long-lasting type of wall block?

When designing and building your retaining wall, there are several factors to consider. The basic and most important among these is how durable and strong available choices of materials are. Among all the options for retaining walls, poured concrete walls are not only preferred for embodying modern styles, but also the strongest and most durable option.

What is the price range of a retaining wall?

Realizing the crucial purpose of retaining walls to your property, we practically weigh out our options using our workable budget. Wall blocks are priced from $3 to $25 per square foot, wood being the most affordable and concrete being the most expensive as this material will require a lot of processes. For whatever budget you have, it is always best to entrust this project to the experts and highly skilled professionals in retaining wall construction. There is little room for mistakes when it comes to building your wall blocks. Any poorly done step can result in damages to your property and would mean additional costs for maintenance and upkeep.

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As the leading name in retaining wall buildings in Minneapolis, we understand that high-quality service is crucial to providing customer satisfaction. The high quality of our services speaks volumes of our corporate reputation. We do not settle for results that only comply with the expectations of our customers,  we go the extra mile of delivering the highest standards of quality workmanship. We continue to improve our services to complete better results by being updated with the latest technological solutions to provide our customers with the satisfaction of getting the most of what they pay for.

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When you choose to work with us, we guarantee outstanding customer satisfaction in everything that we do. We understand the importance of making our customers happy with the result of our projects and knowing that they believe in the quality of our services. We love to see satisfied customers sharing with others about their best customer experience with us. 

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From our humble beginnings many years ago, we have learned that to be on top of the service competition, we have to only deliver the best quality retaining wall services to our local customers. At our company, it is not a job well done without the highest standards for workmanship. That is how we take care of our mission to be ahead of the competition. 

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